Welcome to a very special trail project in Canada!


Big Ben captured the hearts of millions of fans world-wide. To honour his legacy, the Big Ben Memorial Trail Initiative was established, by Gayda Errett in 2005. Perth Ontario, was Big Ben’s home place.

Volunteers and ‘moral’ Supporters along with ‘financial’ Donators have supported the idea to develop a wilderness trail in one of Lanark County’s community forests.

After 2 years of scouting several community forests, the Initiative chose the Lavant Forest located in Lanark Highlands Township west and north of the Village of Lanark.

When the County of Lanark approved the trail ‘In-Principle’, scouting for a parking area and trailhead routing commenced.

The parking area has been completed with thanks to local contractor, Crain Construction Ltd. Scouting for a trailhead routing from the parking area to connect with the main forestry road was determined and tagged to commence preliminary trail work.

For more information, please view the web pages pertaining to the project ‘moving forward’ to develop the first wilderness trail in Lanark County that accommodates horses [not all wilderness trails in North America accommodate horses].


The Initiative would like to thank XPLORNET Internet Services for kindly sponsoring our website. It is most appreciated.

The project is temporarily ‘on hold’ pending a favourable response to an appeal the Initiative has made to the Lanark County Municipal Trails Corporation to provide assistance in procuring NGO trail development funding on our behalf in order to complete 2.5 kms of its trailhead routing from the parking area.

Updates will be forthcoming ...