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Lanark County approved the project ‘in-principle’, August 2011.

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The project has moved forward since 2011 with the construction of a new parking facility. In 2013, scouting excursions were undertaken to find a proposed trailhead routing. The proposed routing was determined and tagged in 2014. Preliminary work was completed on the trailhead’s western section. The trailhead routing to Bottle Lake Road from the parking area provides access for users to visit  2 scenic destinations while enjoying en route several scenic views and a Point of  Interest.

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Lanark County is located in Eastern Ontario between the Ottawa Valley and Kingston. [West of Ottawa — the Nation’s Capital — and East of Kingston.]

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For more information, visit both the ‘Preliminary Trailhead Work’s and the ‘Scenic Locations Map’ web pages listed on the INDEX at the TOP OF THE PAGE.

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The Big Ben Memorial Trail Initiative’s Founder and Patroness, Gayda Errett,  will no longer serve as the project’s Co-ordinator.

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Instead, the Initiative’s Project Trail Manager for Construction and Development, along with the Advisor and Retired Trail Scouting Master, will continue with the existing plans to move the project forward.

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The Patroness will continue working alongside the Initiative’s volunteers during construction of the trailhead routing as well as co-ordinating the Roster for intermittent ‘Trail Care and Maintenance’.

The Big Ben Memorial Trail Initiative was established by volunteers in 2005 as a ‘Works-in-Progress’ venture  to construct a non-motorized wilderness trailhead routing to include horses [not all non-motorized wilderness trails in North America include horses]. The proposed trailhead routing is located in Lanark County’s Lavant Forest.