The Big Ben Memorial Trail Initiative, as a ‘Works-in-Progress’ venture, was established by volunteers in 2005 to commence plans to construct a new wilderness trail that accommodates horses in Lanark County’s Lavant Forest.

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Lanark County approved the project ‘in-principle’, August 2011.

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The project has moved forward considerably since 2011 with the construction of a new parking facility in 2012, followed by extensive scouting for a trailhead routing to connect with the Bottle Lake Road that accesses two scenic destinations and views along with a Point of  Interest.

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A proposed trailhead routing has been located. Preliminary work on the trailhead routing was conducted and completed July 2014 . [See Preliminary Trailhead Work following this page.]

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Lanark County is located in Eastern Ontario, West of Ottawa [Nation’s Capital] and East of Kingston.

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Upon discussing the future plans to keep the project moving forward with the Big Ben Memorial Trail Project Manager Trail Construction and the Advisor and Retired Trail Scouting Master, it was agreed the rôle of the Co-ordinator be relinquished.

Instead, the Co-ordinator will serve as Patroness of the Big Ben Memorial Trail Initiative.

The Big Ben Memorial Trail Committee will continue its work moving the project forward until the trail is completed. The Committee will also undertake trail care and maintenance once the trail is open to the public in order to ensure its sustainability and safety.