The Big Ben Memorial Trail Initiative is a ‘Works-in-Progress’ venture established by volunteers in 2005 to construct a new trail in Lanark County’s Lavant Forest.

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Lanark County has approved the project ‘in-principle’, August 2011.

The project is moving forward with all its plans as detailed throughout the website.

Please accept the Initiative’s invitation to view its ‘information’ website describing the process of constructing a new wilderness trail that accommodates horses [not all trails in North America accommodate horses].

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Lanark County is located in Eastern Ontario, West of Ottawa [Nation’s Capital] and East of Kingston.

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The trail is named to honour one of Canada’s most internationally famous and well-loved horses.

Big  Ben was euthanized December 10th, 1999, after a serious bout of colic.

The internationally renowned horse was deeply mourned by his fans, not only In Perth, his home and resting place, but across Canada and world-wide.

‘For the Love of a Horse’ legacy continues in Lanark County ...

Each web page features information about the Initiative’s plans for a trailhead routing including where the newly constructed parking area is located and the forestry roads to access its scenic destinations, viewpoints, The Canyon and a Point of Interest.

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Two web pages include the following maps:

• Lavant Forest

  1. GPS plotting map of the proposed trailhead routing from the parking area.

The website’s INDEX is located at the TOP OF EACH PAGE.

The Initiative wishes to acknowledge and express its sincere appreciation and gratitude to our Corporate Sponsor, XPLORNET Communications, Inc. for hosting our website.

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Also, as the Initiative’s Domain Host, XPLORNET provides excellent technical support and is one of our ‘Moral Supporters’.