In 2013, the Initiative’s Trail Scouting Master has entered semi-retirement. He has spent 6 years scouting along with the Co-ordinator, acres of densely forested areas searching for potential trail loops and a trailhead routing from the new parking facility.

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One of the Big Ben Memorial Trail Sub-Committee has volunteered to co-ordinate the scouting hereon. The new Scouting Master and Trail Project Manager is an engineer and Surveyor who was instrumental in the preliminary plans for the new parking facility. [See Ongoing Trail Scouting Plans]

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A preliminary scouting excursion was conducted by the new Scouting Master in June 2013 accompanied by the retired Scouting Master along with a new volunteer to proceed west from the Bottle Lake Road heading towards the new parking facility. A proposed routing was considered but requires further scouting.

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In August 2013, the current Scouting Master along with a new volunteer conducted a second excursion west of the Bottle Lake Road to find another potential routing to the parking facility.

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At the bottom of the page, is a GPS plotting map of the alternate routing scouted.

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Additional excursions occurred late Fall of 2013 [see ‘Scouting Film Clips’ web page]. The next round of scouting will occur Spring 2014 with anticipation the proposed trail routing will be finalized. Upon doing so, it will be presented to the County’s Forest Working Group for their approval.

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Upon their approval, a Life Science Study will be conducted by the Mississippi Valley Conservation.

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The Initiative is anticipating by late summer 2014, much of the ongoing scouting will be completed in order to commence trail construction by mid-Fall.

Below is the GPS plotting map the new Scouting Master prepared during the August 2013 outing that indicates a potential routing west of the Bottle Lake Road to the trailhead location at the parking area.

————— ••• —————

The Initiative’s retired Scouting Master has previewed the plotting map and found it to be a good routing. There will be some minor exceptions that can be resolved upon further outings that he will conduct accompanied by the Co-ordinator and a long-standing volunteer tagging the trees along the revised routing.

The new Scouting Master and accompanying volunteer are ready to commence GPS plotting the forested area on the west side of the Bottle Lake Road heading westwardly to the trailhead parking area.

Before heading out, the new team synchronized their GPS readings to ensure each device is in the same area of the forest for map plotting.

The photo above was taken within a few meters off the Bottle Lake Road heading westwardly. The team encountered a causeway with debris from former beaver activity. Plans are underway to remove the debris and do remedial work to make the causeway into a trail [see information below the GPS plotting map].
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In the photo to the right showing the adjacent  wetland along the north side of the causeway. The wet area is on Crown Land. The MNR has drained the area since the photo was taken because there a no beavers.

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Local pleasure riding group enjoying their outing at Dixon Lake while their mounts had a cool and shady area to rest in.